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From your basement to your attic, we rely on the best materials to dress up your walls, doors, windows or any surface that is smooth and clean for breathtaking results.

No glue or water required! It’s that easy!

MERAKI wall adhesive (adhesive wallpaper and wall stickerss) is one of the thickest (6 thousandths of an inch) available on the market. It’s of very high quality, 100% opaque, and it reproduces the rich texture of canvas and is easier to install than most vinyl upholstery.

It’s self-sticking and removable (you won’t need glue or water) and MERAKI wall covering can be repositioned during installation. It will forgive any of your little adjustment mistakes.

Its canvas texture has a pleasant finish; it's like putting an artist’s canvas on your walls that will stay in place after being installed.

There are two options for you:

Adhesive wallpaper

With adhesive wallpaper, you can position several panels one after the other in order to cover an entire surface. Ideal for covering a wall, door or even a ceiling, depending on your imagination.

Four available heights

48”, 72”, 96” and 108”

One unique width

28”, which includes the excess needed to overlay the panels (approximately ½”)

Note: panels of the same pattern and similar dimensions are identical. So they’ll fit perfectly together, regardless of the order of installation.

Wall stickers

Wall stickers are individual pieces that allow you to create a decor to your image, according to the composition of your choice. You can install them easily and quickly and get a completely transformed environment.

All you need to do is choose your favourite design. We still cannot decide which one we prefer!