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Our collaborating artists

At MERAKI, we’re continually impressed and inspired by local talent, whether illustrators, photographers or artists. We’re always looking for the best—our favourites—to collaborate with them on a project (or two, or three…)

For limitless inspiration, we present some unique looks.

To discover. To embrace. And to apply to your wall.


Marie-France Auger


A lover of patterns with a child’s heart (even after turning 40!) Marie-France’s imagination is quite simply overflowing! Her favourite playground? Designing textile patterns for interior decoration and children’s clothing, two areas of which she is particularly fond and that have enabled her to express herself for over 15 years.

She enjoys creating playful and colourful graphic universes, but she admits that she has a weakness for the black and white. She is curious and enthusiastic, and feels most in her element when she works collaboratively, where her creativity can nourish different visions and approaches.

Visit her Instagram or her website to see more projects.

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Marie-Lise Leclerc


Marie-Lise is passionate about illustration, which is for her an accessible art that greatly contributes to living in a more inspiring world.

Her heart swings between children’s illustration and botanical illustration, but she often manages to marry the two to create soft and enchanting universes.

Follow her on Instagram for beauty each day.

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Marish Papaya


Marish loves life and loves people, and knows how to reveal true beauty! She’s a human artist with a big heart, and her unique sensibility enables her to capture the extraordinary from the ordinary, perfection from imperfection, and the amusing from the mundane.
She’s a portrait specialist, and we feel special through her eyes! Her art celebrates uniqueness and diversity, she knows how to channel a face, a cat, a bike, or a pair of underwear! We love the second degree of her creations, when she’s added her touch of humour and a bit of thought. In short, we’re pleased and proud to collaborate with this favourite artist!
Her Instagram is full of beautiful portraits, go visit her.





Matel gets his inspiration from the banality of the everyday life, people, nature, etc…

The result always flirts with caricature.

Evolving in a goofy universe, his characters take all kind of shapes and expressions while having their own specific meaning.

Snowboarding and skateboarding have had a major influence on his awakening to the world of art and design. Most of his time is spent painting, doing murals, drawing and working on illustrations for clients of different environments .

In the past years he has done illustrations for; Yes snowboards (Switzerland), Rome snowboards (USA), DevGru snowboards (Japan), Fairmont Château Frontenac (Canada), Spy Optics (USA), Vans (USA), De Stefani Winery (CAN) and more.

To know more about Matel’s art, take a look at his Instagram of his Facebook page.

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Myriam Rousseau, working as an illustrator under the alias Muya, is from the province of Quebec. She left her native Canada to study Fine Arts in Spain and she currently lives in Argentina with her family.

A lifelong lover of sketchbooks and Hispanic culture, she managed to combine her two passions by exploring several artistic fields in different Latin cities.

She experienced the cartoon film industry by joining an animation studio, worked as an editorial graphist for a history magazine, collaborated with a contemporary gallery on several street art exhibitions, tattooed her botanical inspired images under the supervisor of her mentor and more recently invented her own personalized textile prints.

This rich career has nourished her style; and today she lives from her illustrations work which is inspired by Art Nouveau, encyclopedic engravings, old school tattoos, vintage children’s books, retro fashion advertisements, but also… by the overflowing imagination of her six-year-old daughter!

You can follow her work on Instagram.

Discover her MERAKI creations