Our collaborations

At Meraki, we’re continually impressed and inspired by local talent, whether illustrators, photographers or artists. We’re always looking for the best—our favourites—to collaborate with them on a project (or two, or three…)

For limitless inspiration, we present some unique looks.

To discover. To embrace. And to apply to your wall.

Marie-France Auger

A lover of patterns with a child’s heart (even after turning 40!) Marie-France’s imagination is quite simply overflowing! Her favourite playground? Designing textile patterns for interior decoration and children’s clothing, two areas of which she is particularly fond and that have enabled her to express herself for over 14 years.

She enjoys creating playful and colourful graphic universes, but she admits that she has a weakness for the black and white. She is curious and enthusiastic, and feels most in her element when she works collaboratively, where her creativity can nourish different visions and approaches.

Discover her creations

Marish Papaya

Marish loves life and loves people, and knows how to reveal true beauty! She’s a human artist with a big heart, and her unique sensibility enables her to capture the extraordinary from the ordinary, perfection from imperfection, and the amusing from the mundane.

She’s a portrait specialist, and we feel special through her eyes! Her art celebrates uniqueness and diversity, she knows how to channel a face, a cat, a bike, or a pair of underwear! We love the second degree of her creations, when she’s added her touch of humour and a bit of thought. In short, we’re pleased and proud to collaborate with this favourite artist!