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Surface calculator

Have you just fallen in love with one of our adhesive wallpapers? That’s great news!

Here are some instructions and recommendations to determine the height and number of panels you’ll need to complete your creative project.

Heights available

48", 72", 96" and 108".


Unique width available

28", which includes the excess required to overlay the panels (approximately 0.5").

Note: wallpaper panels of the same pattern and similar dimensions are identical. They all fit perfectly together, regardless of the order of installation.

Our recommendations
1. Take measurements
Measure the length and the height of the entire area to be covered, including any doors, windows or anything else within the space to be covered, even if these areas will need to be cut out.
2. Determine the height
Choose the appropriate height for your project, based on the 4 possible panel heights (48", 72", 96" and 108"). For example, for an 96" ceiling, you should choose the 28" X 96" option.
3. Determine the number of panels required
Each panel is 28" wide, so divide the width of the space to cover by 28" to determine the number of panels you’ll need.

For example, a 128" wall will require 5 panels (128" divided by 28" = 4.6).

So, for a project 96" high and 128” wide, the final order will be five 28" x 96" panels.

* Since house walls are rarely straight (even in new houses!) and in order to give yourself some flexibility for installation, we recommend that you add between 2" (small wall) and 4" excess in your calculation for each wall. So we could add 4" to our 128" wall which would be 132" divided by 28"= 4.7 so 5 panels would be ideal for this wall. In terms of the height, generally, the walls with got mouldings at the bottom, that gives us the flexibility we need without having to add any excess.

*** It is important to order all panels in one unique order or there may be slight differences in tones between the 2 orders.  

Be creative with your scraps and use them to cover other surfaces (drawer bottoms/cabinets, book, small furniture, etc.). Feel free to share the result with us on our social media!