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Installation tips

You don’t need to be an expert to do this!

Our wall adhesives are printed on one of the best and thickest materials in the industry. They’re self-sticking and removable (no glue or water required), and they’re easy to reposition during installation.

In addition, since the wallpaper panels of the same pattern are identical, they can be overlaid on each other perfectly, without having to follow any particular order. As for the cuts, as they are pieces detached from each other, they’re even easier to install.

Before you start

In order to optimize the lifespan of your wall adhesive and to make sure it stays in place after installation, just make sure you:

- Consult the installation guide and videos.;
- Use the right tools (if you’re missing any, look here).
- Invite someone over to give you a hand.;
- Follow the instructions and conditions that follow.

And don’t hesitate to contact us if you need. We would be pleased to answer your questions.


  1. The surface must be clean, dry and smooth.

  2. If the wall has been recently painted, allow it to dry for 12 to 14 days.

  3. Don’t install the product on a wall covered only in primer, or on non-sanded and/or unpainted plaster surfaces.

  4. Don’t install the product on surfaces that could change over time, such as natural wood.

  5. Ensure that your surface has been cleaned with a dry cloth and be free of dust or impurities.

  6. Avoid using cleaning products on the surface to be covered as they can interfere with the wall adhesive’s adhesion.

  7. The surface must be completely smooth. If the wall has defects, the wall adhesive will take on the wall’s contours.

  8. For drywall (gyprock), all imperfections must be repaired or filled before installing the covering. If you’ve used a drywall compound or spackling, it must dry for the recommended duration for the type of compound/spackling used. The repaired areas must be sanded to leave a smooth, dry, non-porous surface.

  9. Before installation, remove any outlet or light switch covers, thermostats, telephone or cable jacks, and anything else likely to interfere with the installation.

  10. Make sure you have the correct amount of panels to cover the desired area before you begin. In order to help you evaluate your needs, go to our surface calculator.


  1. The adhesives must be tempered for 48 hours before their installation, outside of their packaging and in a location in which the temperature is above 16 °C.

  2. To maximize adhesiveness, the room’s temperature must remain above 16 °C for 2 weeks after the installation.

  3. Do not install the wall adhesives in a humid or cold environment. However, once installed, wall adhesives will resist reasonable humidity (ex.: a bathroom wall that doesn't get any splatter and that isn’t directly exposed to excessive humidity).

And if you prefer, our team can also handle your installation. Just contact us!!