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Our MERAKI adhesive wall coverings are warrantied against any printing defect or if they have been damaged during shipping.

Send us a photo illustrating the problem within 48 hours of receipt and we'll get back to you promptly promptly to discuss your options. promptly to discuss your options. You’ll see, we always find solutions!

On the other hand, if the product is not defective, no return will be accepted.

Our warranty does not cover elements beyond our control. Thus, before proceeding with the installation of your wall adhesive, we recommend that you read the preparation and installation recommendations carefully (twice, rather than once). For an optimal result, our instruction documents and our explanatory video will also provide step-by-step guidance to you during the installation.

The following are not covered by the warranty:

Unsuitable surfaces

A wall that has defects or any form of irregularity.
Applying the product on a material which varies over time (e.g. natural wood).

Wall preparation

Installing the product before allowing paint to dry for at least 12 days.
Applying the adhesive wall covering on a surface covered only with primer or on non-sanded and/or unpainted plaster surfaces.
Use of improper paint.
A wall that has not been properly cleaned.
The use of cleaning products.


Incorrect application of the product (when cutting or installing).
Tool breakage during installation.

Inadequate conditions

Failure to comply with the recommended conditions for installation.
Applying the wall adhesive outside.


Colour fading over time.
Any difference in colour between your screen and the product received.
Colour differences in the same product, if ordered at different times.


Vigorous cleaning.
The use of cleaning, corrosive or abrasive products on the wall adhesive.


• Surface alteration (paint peeling, damaged plaster) if the adhesive is removed more than 2 months after its installation.