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Are MERAKI wall adhesives durable?

Yes indeed! We use the best high-quality material on the market to ensure that all our wall adhesives stand the test of time. If you want to remove it easily, we recommend doing so within a few days after installation. In that timeframe it will have retained its removable characteristics and will remove easily.

What is the difference between a wall covering and a cutout?

Wall covering

With wall covering (or wallpaper), you can place many panels next to each other in succession like a tapestry, in order to create a sequence and cover an entire surface. You can therefore cover a wall, a door, a ceiling, or anything else that you can imagine.


Cutouts are separate pieces that can be installed independently from one another. To add some personality to your environment, they install very easily, wherever you want.

In what sizes are MERAKI wall coverings sold?

We offer 4 panel heights, 48”, 72”, 96” and 108”, which should work well for projects of all dimensions. The width is always 28” to facilitate installation as best possible. To help you determine your needs, check out our surface calculator.

Are MERAKI wall adhesives easy to remove?

Absolutely! The removable vinyl used for our wall adhesives is designed to be removed easily and without damage within the first 6 months after installation. It can still be removed beyond this timeframe, however, but there’s a greater risk of damaging the surface (peeling paint, for example). In order to maximize your MERAKI adhesive’s lifespan, we recommend that you read the preparation and installation instructions carefully before beginning your installation.

Does my screen display the exact colours of MERAKI wall adhesives?

Not every computer or mobile phone screen is calibrated exactly like the printers that manufacture our wall adhesives, so there may be a slight difference. Nonetheless, our reference images are very similar to reality. Red will remain red. But if it’s blue when you get it, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

It should be noted that all the adhesive panels in the same order will match in terms of colours, but may not be exactly the same as those in a subsequent order with the same pattern. There may be some deviations between the colours, without it being considered a manufacturing defect. Keep in mind that it’s better to order everything you’ll need for a particular space at the same time in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, even if it means ordering a little surplus, when in doubt.

Can I clean my wall once its covered with MERAKI wall adhesive?

You can clean the surface by gently rubbing with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use any cleaning products.

Are MERAKI wall adhesives reusable?

Unfortunately not. The wall adhesives are movable during installation, to facilitate their placement, but once applied it becomes very difficult to reuse them without damaging them.

Can MERAKI wall adhesives be cut or trimmed?

Yes, no problem! Use a retractable knife with a new blade or a quality pair of scissors to trim the material. If you don’t have either of these, you can add any tools you require to your order. It’s as easy as that.


Are MERAKI wall adhesives easy to install?

Of the products on the market, the material used for MERAKI wall adhesives is among the easiest to install. You don’t have to be an expert to install it: simply have a little patience and a bit of dexterity. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before starting, and, if possible, invite someone to help you. We have also created installation sheets and explanatory videos to guide you every step of the way.

If needed, feel free to contact our team of professionals. We will be able to advise you.

I’m not comfortable installing my MERAKI wall adhesives. Can professionals install them for me?

If you’re in the Quebec City area, yes, it would be our pleasure. Contact us and we will evaluate the installation cost.

Can MERAKI wall adhesives be installed on any surface?

In order to optimize your wall adhesive’s lifespan and to make sure it remains in place after installation, just make sure that :

1. The surface must be clean, dry and smooth.
2. If the wall has been recently painted, allow it to dry for 12 to 14 days.
3. Don’t install the product on a wall covered only in primer, or on non-sanded and/or unpainted plaster surfaces.
4. Don’t install the product on surfaces that could change over time, such as natural wood.
5. Ensure that your surface has been cleaned with a dry cloth and be free of dust or impurities.
6. Avoid using cleaning products on the surface to be covered as they can interfere with the wall adhesive’s adhesion.
7. The surface must be completely smooth. If the wall has defects, the wall adhesive will take on the wall’s contours.
8. For drywall (gyprock), all imperfections must be repaired or filled before installing the covering. If you’ve used a drywall compound or spackling, it must dry for the recommended duration for the type of compound/spackling used. The repaired areas must be sanded to leave a smooth, dry, non-porous surface.
9. Before installation, remove any outlet or light switch covers, thermostats, telephone or cable jacks, and anything else likely to interfere with the installation.
10. Before beginning, ensure that you have the proper quantity of panels required to cover the surface. To ensure no deviation in colours, ordering your wall covering in two separate orders is strongly discouraged. Your order must be printed at the same time.

What conditions are recommended for installation?

1. The adhesives must be tempered for 48 hours before their installation, outside of their packaging and in a location in which the temperature is above 16°C.
2. To maximize adhesiveness, the room’s temperature must remain above 16°C for 2 weeks after the installation.
3. Do not install the wall adhesives in a humid or cold environment. However, once installed, wall adhesives will resist reasonable humidity (ex.: a bathroom wall that doesn't get any splatter and that isn’t directly exposed to excessive humidity).

Can MERAKI wall adhesives be used outdoors?

No, the adhesives are not designed to resist severe weather. It is therefore not recommended to use them outdoors.


What are the shipping times?

MERAKI wall adhesives are printed within 7 to 10 business days and are then shipped via ground transport. Shipping time usually varies between 2 and 5 days, depending on the distance from our workshop to your creative project.

How much is shipping?

For orders less than $150, the shipping cost is approximately $15, depending on the destination. For orders of $150 or more (before taxes), the shipping is included.

Can I track the shipping?

Absolutely! We understand that you’re eagerly awaiting your package. We will send you a tracking number as soon as it leaves our workshop.

Can I come pick up my order at your workshop?

For the time being, you can only place an order through our online store.

Do you ship outside of Canada?

We deliver only inside of Canada. We like the idea of producing and shipping as locally as possible.


Are MERAKI wall murals warrantied?

Of course! If our product has a printing defect or if it was damaged during transport, send us a photo showing the problem within 48 hours after receiving your package and we will contact you without delay to discuss the options available to you. You will see that we always find solutions!

However, if the product is not defective, no returns are accepted.

Furthermore, elements beyond our control are not covered by this warranty. So before installing your wall adhesive, we recommend that you read the preparation and installation recommendations carefully. For an optimal result, our installation sheets and videos will also help you during installation, step by step.

The following is not covered by the warranty :

Inappropriate surfaces

A wall containing defects or any form of irregularity..
Application over a material that changes over time (ex.: natural wood).

Wall preparation

Installing the product without allowing at least 12 days for paint to dry.
Applying the adhesive over a surface covered with primer only or on non-sanded and/or non-painted plaster surfaces.
Using an incorrect type of paint.
Installing the product on a wall that was not properly cleaned.
The use of cleaning products.


Improper installation of the product (during cutting or installation).
Tool breakage during installation.

Inadequate conditions

Non-compliance with the conditions recommended for installation..
Installing wall adhesive outdoors.


Alteration of colours over time.
Differences in colour between your screen and the product received.
Differences in colour for the same product, ordered at different times.


• Vigorous cleaning.
The use of corrosive or abrasive cleaning products on the wall adhesive.


• Alteration of the surface (peeling paint, damaged plaster) if the adhesive is removed a few days after its installation.