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Our team

MERAKI comes from Greek. It can’t be translated into a single word; it represents the concept of doing something with passion, love and creativity; to put yourself into your work. A word that sounds so good, but, above all, that resonates so true. For us who still have the impression while working that we play like children; for us who do not separate pleasure from work. MERAKI is a way of life. And, we hope, maybe yours too.


After years of dreaming about it, MERAKI was born from the desire (and madness!) To embody our artistic vision of design in a unique product, imagined and designed as close as possible to those we love. Small, big-thinking branch of Pigment Design, MERAKI bears the signature of each (colorful) personality of our seasoned team, which has been passionate about the creation of local businesses for 10 years.

With a team keen on current trends, we create our exclusivities in the workshop, always putting quality first, while aiming for the shortest path between our creations and your environment. From the design of the patterns to the production, from the printing of the wall coverings to the installation, we accompany everything we do with daring, Pleasure and, we admit ... coffee too.

Guided by our values and our favorites, we also join forces with the many talents that abound in Quebec. Question illustration, we try to surround ourselves with the best designers and let you know and love them.

Here are our regular designers behind our bold and more muted designs. Fanie

Fanie is enthusiastic, spirited and determined. She is the founder of Pigment Design and MERAKI. Over the years, she has put on her best with a number of local businesses, designing projects tailored her image. She has formed a solid team around her creative word that shares a common vision and the desire to (re)create with everything.


Nadine is original, bubbly and creative, and always has a laugh and the perfect solution when it comes to presentations. She focusses on simplicity and reusing as much as possible. She has long since mastered the transformation of spaces and project management.


Marie-France is bright, positive and very caring, and sees beauty everywhere, whether in her work, in the nature she immortalizes on a daily basis and in human beings – which are her priority! She is an illustrator overflowing with imagination; she creates with a child's heart and shares, with open arms, her contagious happiness.


Esther is positive, colourful and enthusiastic. She masters the tools like no other. She is fearsome with everything she holds in her hand whether a retractable knife, a glue stick or flying sparkles. She is responsible for creating beauty in our workshop. She always has a smirk on her face and Latin music in her ears (encantada!). Her good mood is simply contagious as pours love into all her creations.


Present for the initial energy and passion given to MERAKI, Ange (thank you!) has colored our DNA as well as several beautiful patterns. Ange is authentic, curious and passionate. She is a designer filled with humanity, vigilant to act in accordance with her values in all aspects of her life. She spent many years in the world of fashion design; all you have to do is give her a theme and she’ll create a variety of current and diverse patterns.